Sculpture in Context – Botanic Gardens, Dublin 2022

A garden located in the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland

I am excited to announce that my art piece “Glow Worms Nest” will be exhibiting at the annual “Sculpture in Context” Exhibition at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin this year. So my piece will be featured alongside many other wonderful art pieces!

About the piece:

The materials, shapes, structures and colours of my native surroundings provide inspiration for my creations. Working with different raw-wool types (unwashed and uncarded fleece loosened by hand) fascinates me. This piece embodies warmth, softness, protection and comfort. The upright rods radiate decisiveness and togetherness, all the while surrounded by organic matter. I love to explore working with silk, recycled materials, paper, rich colours and texture combinations. I employ a variety of techniques to create my work and find joy and share it! Felting for me is diving into a world of unlimited opportunities. The dialogue with the material wool and the interaction of art and craft, and thereby the implementation of a millennium old technique, captivates me.

This will be my first time exhibiting at this event and I am delighted to be involved.

bombyxmori art

(Pictures of Botanic Gardens courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


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