Hand-Crafted in Ireland one-of-a-kind Felt and Silk Scarves, Fashion Accessories and Wearable Art

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Inspired by the Wild West of Ireland

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bombyxMORI has been creating wonderful wearable art since 1999, using fine wool, silk, and recycled materials. The eco-friendly vibrant range of scarves, hats and fashion accessories are born of both passion and dedication. Colours and patterns continue to play an integral part in the innovative designs.

“Art does not reproduce what is visible, it makes things visible”

Painter Paul Klee ( 1879-1940 )

Essential Elements

Water, soap and movement transform wool into felt. When silk is added a new style of felt is created.

The Wool

Sheep’s wool: long, short, rough, fine, straight or curly, easy or unruly - each sheep and each area of its body produces wool with individual characteristics. A wool fibre is covered with scales, which open when exposed to water, soap and heat; they then interlock with the scales of other fibres and become inseparable. Felt is thus created. Enjoy!


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